Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reasons Why I Homeschool

Lately, I have been thinking about all the wonderful reasons for why I home school and wanted to put it in writing. This is not a complete list, as I hope to keep adding to it!

1. I love being with my children. I love having them near!
2. No parent teacher conferences!
3. No homework...we already do all our work at home!
4. No buying trendy new clothes for school...we usually do schoolwork in our pjs!
5. PE is bowling. or badminton. or hiking.
6. Field trips in which my children actually learn something. We can go when we want, to where we went and actually take our time there and learn!
7. I was there when my child learned to read. I was the one to hear her read her first word, her first sentence, her first book!
8. No teaching to the test! The only time we think about yearly testing is during the test. They always test well without me having to teach what I think will be on the test.
9. I love it when we are reading something and a topic comes up that interests my children. At that very moment we are able to abandon what we are doing and go research more about that topic! No waiting until later when we have forgotten about it or lost interest!
10. Child directed learning! The other day while doing multi digit subtraction with one column regrouping, Sara Beth wanted to know what would happen if 2 digits on the top had to be regrouped. Instead of telling her that one day we will learn that, I was able to go with it and teach her 2 digit regrouping! And she was so excited!
11. When my child takes a test she discovers within minutes how she did.
12. Watching my children's love of learning grow! After reading a chapter in Ramona Quimby to Sara Beth, she decided to read 2 more chapters on her own! And so went the rest of the book! Her first chapter book at age 6!
13. My children are able to socialize (YES! The big S word!) with people of all ages! They can carry on a conversation with adults as well as with children. They play with kids of all ages during "recess".
14. My children help me pick out their curriculum. I give them options and they choose what they believe is the best way to learn it. They are the ones who have to do it, after all!
15. Vacations at any time of the year. We can school during the hot, sticky summer months and vacation in September when the weather has cooled off just enough to do all the fun summer things!
16. My children have a pretty good relationship. They are with each other much more than most other siblings and they seem to do better at getting along. ( I should know...I had 3 brothers and we were always trying to kill each other!)

I know there are many more reasons! Leave a comment and share your reasons on why you home school! I would love to here them.