Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Dining Room Learning Room

After 2 moves, we are finally getting our learning room together. It is in no way complete, but a work in progress. We find that the girls seem to do all their work at the dining room table, so might as well put everything in there! First, we have our shelves that contain all the books for what the girls are studying. Right now we actually have this years and some of next years curriculum on the shelves. We also have the pens, pencils, crayons, etc on these shelves, but I would like to find a small set of cheap shelves to put those items on. As you can tell, it is a little messy as we have new stuff and old stuff that needs to be gone through!

I recently purchased this dry erase board for $5! It was a great deal and the girls love it. Ashley likes to write out her chemistry problems and Sara Beth likes to do math on it and draw pictures on it. The file cabinet I scored off a swap board! And we really needed one to house years past records and other household records.

A couple of weeks ago I scored these 2 large laminated maps for $12 at Growing Scholars in Indian Trail, NC. We love looking at them at all times. Even at dinner you can catch someone just staring at them looking for a place. Brian likes to walk over and just check them out. The other day Sara Beth had read a vocabulary passage about Thailand and went over to the map to try and find it!
We also have a poster of all the presidents and the periodic table. Ashley needed the table for Chemistry and I though it would be good for all of us to know the presidents! It has some great trivia on the back that I plan on photocopying and hanging under the poster.

Hopefully we will finish up this school year soon and get a break so I can straighten up the shelves and get everything organized for next year. We plan to take 4-6 weeks off to just relax!