Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Apologia for high school?

The big question right now has to do with Ashley's new science course. We have decided to do Apologia biology. This is a high school level course and I believe if Ashley does well in it she should receive high school credit. The question is, can I do this? If I homeschool her through high school and write her transcripts, then I should be able to teach her high school courses when she is ready, not when the general population is ready to learn it, right? That is why we teach our children what they want to learn when they are ready.

Well, what if we do send her to public high school. Will they accept the credit? Or will they make her take the course over again? She is also going to start Algebra sometime during this school year. Again, a high school course that many students take in 8th grade and get hs credit for. So, she should get credit for it when she finishes it, whether it by 7th, 8th or 9th grade.

I am not trying to push her to finish high school too early, but she is gifted and wants to learn things that are beyond her assigned grade level. Actually, as I have been forging through this homeschool journey, I have began to feel that there is not realy grade levels for my children. Ashley is doing typical 8th grade math, reading high school reading material, completing 7/8th grade social studies and now doing 9th grade science. I should just label her a homeschooler and not a 7th grader.

So, I guess I will go ahead and start biology and pray she does well and keep really good records so we can try to get hs credit for it. I believe I need to go to a seminar on writing high school transcripts so I know what I am doing!

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