Thursday, October 4, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

We seem to stay busy these days. All week we have been running around and trying to get all our school work in. Yesterday, Ashley wasn't done until 11:30 and then we had to run out for our park day with our homeschool group. We all need this weekly activity as it gives me tme to talk to other homeschoolers and the kids time to play with their friends. We stayed a good 4 hours again and Sara Beth needed a bath when we got home as she was covered in dirt. That shows she had a great time!

We are preparing for a science day for our group on Friday. We will be doing Physics Quest with the children. They are really looking forward to it. My "center" will be making and testing a pendulum. Other centers will be testing magnets, light and exploring bubbles. Each group needs to solve the problem to find Einstein on a map. It is really neat. This is from 2005. Each year they come out with a new Physics Quest and you can request one for free. We are waiting for the 2007 one to be shipped.

Today we will have a calm morning followed by a busy afternoon...what a shock! Sara Beth has gymnastics at 12:30. Then, since we are over by her eye doctor, we are turning in her older pair of glasses to have the lens replaced. After that we will hopefully get the car washed. It is still covered with dead love bugs from our trip to Disney 3 weeks ago and I am tired of looking at them. I would wash them off the car, but we are in a drought and there is no washing down of anything right now. So, off to pay a gafortune on a car wash. It will probably rain as I pull out out of the carwash, but at least we will get rain. As long as those love bugs are gone!

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