Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Free PE for US

One of the hardest things I find with homeschooling is finding great activities for free or cheap. Most things we want to do cost money, such as art lessons, dance lessons, PE classes. This summer I learned about a great program that is free to all children!! You sign up your children and each week you receive coupons for them to bowl 2 free games everyday! The only downside is the cost of bowling shoes, but for $50 total we bought a pair for each of the girls. For an addition $25, you can sign up 4 adults too. So, I get to bowl with them, and of course I already have my own shoes!
Another bonus is Ashley has a website that has links for free high school online courses. Of them them is a bowling course! WE signed up and now she has a pe credit for her transcripts! Score! We have been going once a week mostly, but sometimes we go twice. Even dad joined us one week, although he did not like the bumpers that we use for the kids.

Sara Beth seems to add on the bowling with dancing. She dances and bowls the whole time! She is a riot! And other bowlers will watch her too!

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