Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things Homeschooling has Given to Me -by my daughter

My daughter Ashley posted this on facebook the other day and I thought it was perfect for our homeschool blog! She is 15.

Things Homeschooling Has Given to ME

1.The best friends anyone could ask for.

2. Testing doesn't determine how intelligent you are, it determines how much you've learned. Missing questions on a test does not mean you are a failure.

3. You can buy a machine to turn your boiled eggs into squares. Square eggs. Win.

4. Chemistry is fun. No, really.

5. Roosters don't have the expected male extremity.

6. My parents may just understand me. Maybe.

7. A closer relationship with God. To be Christian is to love God with reckless abandon.

8. An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind.

9. Think before you speak, but never hold in something that is important to you.

10. Never judge. Never lose friends based on religion,politics,or disagreeing opinions, even if if they like pinapple on their pizza or eat things with high fructose corn syrup. [;

11. Life is too short not to live.

12. Never hold back from telling someone you love that you love them.

13. "No homo" is quite possibly the dumbest phrase in history.

14. Every girl needs a gay best friend.

15. Listen to the music you like, watch the movies you like, read the books you like. Don't pretend not to like something because it isn't cool.... or vice versa.

16. Pokémon is one of the most addictive games ever.

17. Science is amazing. Stay curious.

18. The Discovery Channel is the best channel ever. There's nothing like spending all day watching a Mythbuster's marathon. The world is just fawesome.

19.There are aliens out there, and you know it.

20. Jesus died for your sins, but that doesn't mean you get to keep sinning. Always do what you think is right. That's all anyone can ask of you.

21. Daytime TV is the worst thing ever. Always keep a stack of DVD's around.

22. Don't be a hater. Let others do what they love, and they'll let you do what you love.

23. Be yourself. The ones who mind don't matter, and the ones matter don't mind.

24. Friends are like potatoes. If you eat them, they die.

25. Large world/national maps make for great dinnertime conversation. Hang them in your dining room.

26. All natural blackberry soda is delicious. Thanks, Sami!

27. Manga/anime is fawesome.

28. You don't have to like someone's opinion, but always treat others with respect. Always use respect.

29. Cutting up dead animals is fun.

30. And finally, homeschooling gave me all of ya'll. And that's one of the best :]

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